Case Studies

A snapshot of our work. Hundreds of brands have used the salon platform to reach and engage interactively with their consumers. Yours can be here too!

Read our case studies below to plant the seed of an idea for your brand.

Kelloggs Special K

A breakfast cereal that promises a tasty way to knock of 2.5kg in two weeks! After years of fad diets the Indian woman is still looking for the solution. The brand targeted consumers looking for a weight loss and maintenance solution to look good that was also tasty. The salon was the perfect touch point to reach these consumers. A dry sampling program lead to massive trials. Our first food brand in the salon space met with resounding success.


Parachute Body Lotion

Marico’s foray into the skin care market through Parachute equity was a challenge given its decades of hair oil strengths. Faced with challengers from global brands they took the salon route to engage consumers and sample the product.

Engaging beauticians already well versed with the Parachute hair brand to recommend the lotion was the route to success.

Customer and salon feedback brought insights that helped improve the product and the brand launched a summer variant and two winter variants in year 2.

Our recommendation programme has helped reach out to more consumers through a gift a friend program. The brand is already a strong #2 in many towns. Four seasons on they continue to explore newer markets through our medium.


Palmolive Body Wash

While the body wash market is doubling every year the total size remains minuscule. Palmolive is the founder and market leader of the industry.

Struggling to find SOV amongst the big daddies of soaps, PBW used salons to reach mature, elite consumers in metro markets.

We placed trial packs of the range of PBW in salons and asked them to add a drop of the liquid into the pedicure and manicure soak.

Customers experiences the delightful range of aromatherapy and spa body washes.

Sale Packs were placed on a sale or return basis for interested consumers.



A 3 decade old brand went in for a re-positioning and makeover this year. From being a problem solution brand with therapeutic equity they wanted to make the switch to a daily skincare lotion.

What better route than through beautician recommendations. A national activation was executed with branding to highlight new packs, wet and dry sampling and personalized recommendation from the beauticians. Loads of gifts and incentives kept beautician involvement high.


Livon Conditioning Cream Color

Livon is a late entrant in the hair colour category which is not only heavily segmented but also very cluttered. It was important to reach the target consumer and gain share by upgradation and category expansion. Target Consumers were existing users of Powder Dyes or Henna and Non Users of any hair colour product.

The brief was to conduct sampling and garner customer feedback for Livon CCC in North and West. Strategy : Salon + Door-to-door research and sampling for hair dye users. The model was extrapolated to cities across North and West. Across 22 cities, 11.8 Lakh consumers were sampled in 6 months.

A missed call system protected the program from pilferage while the consumer feedback calling measured consumer reactions on an ongoing basis. From the continuous feedback and visits to the salons, we gauged a positive inclination to Livon CCC from salon owners. They were asking us to re-stock them for use in-Salon.





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